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24-30 Point Inspection

At A&M Auto Services and Sales, we provide FREE 24 Point Inspections every time you bring your vehicle to us for any problem. Point inspections are essential in determining the health of your vehicle. As an Automotive Service Excellence certified, auto repair shop in Clovis, NM, we take pride in the health of your vehicle when it is in our hands. Point inspections require us to inspect key components of your vehicle to determine which of those key components is failing or will soon be failing.



24-30 Point Inspection Checklist




Tires should have adequate tread. When placing a penny between the groove, if you can see the top of Abraham Lincoln's head (2/32'' of an inch), you need new tires. There should never be any steel belting visible, as well as any cracks or rotting, which can cause blowouts. Excessive wear can also lead to an unsafe drive. By simply adding the proper amounts of air, you can improve gas mileage, prevent excessive wear, and even improve alignment, as well as increase your overall control of the vehicle. Come learn why we have the best tire services and repairs in Clovis, NM.




We check to make sure that there is enough lining in the pads and shoes of your brakes, and that they are not too worn. We carefully examine the rotors and drums for excessive wear, warpage/runout, and cracks. When pressing the brake pedal, we ensure that it feels firm, but is not too hard. We examine the Brake Master Cylinder and all brakes for leaks to ensure that there is no failing components, which can cause brakes to fail when you need them the most. Here on the High-Plains of Eastern New Mexico and West Texas, but more specifically right here in Clovis New Mexico the roads may be flat, but the rural roads require constant riding of brakes for a comfortable ride. Come learn why we have the best brake repair service in Clovis, NM.


Axle Shafts & Boots / U-Joints


If you are hearing loud clicking noises while turning, excessive vibration when driving, or can see grease on the edge of your tires, Your Axle or U-Joints may be damaged. The boots protect the Axle Joints from water, dirt and other environmental elements. At A&M we carefully examine the boots for cracks, tears, which will expose the Joints and sludge up the grease needed for smooth turns. As an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified Repair Shop, we are extremely sensitive to these beginnings of these issues, and understand the severity if left unchecked. Come learn why we have the best Axle Shafts, Boots, and U-Joint Service in Clovis, NM.




Your vehicle's suspension makes the difference between a smooth and rough ride. You should not be able to feel every crack and bump in the road. In Clovis New Mexico, we see our fair share of damaged roads, which can cause excessive wear on your vehicle's suspension. At A&M we check your suspension to make sure that there is no drift or pull when you are turning. A failing suspension system can cause your tires to wear unevenly, further resulting in your vehicle to lose force when turning around corners, making for a very uncomfortable ride. We have the best suspension service in Clovis, NM


Steering System


We check the Steering for leaks as well as ensure the belt runs the steering pump if applicable. We check the power-steering or wires applicable and fluid level to make sure that there is no play when turning your wheels. There shouldn't be tightness when steering, nor should there be any grinding at all. In addition to these inspections, we also check looseness. Many auto repair shops in Clovis, NM neglect these components, but here at A&M, we emphasize your entire driving experience!


Struts and Shocks


We check the absorption of the shocks on your vehicle to ensure you are getting a smooth and controlled ride when turning, crossing the tracks that stretch all throughout Eastern New Mexico and West Texas as well as right here in Clovis, or crossing low and high rising intersections. As Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified mechanics, we understand the vital concern that bad struts and shocks impose on your vehicle.


Exhaust System


We check to make sure that all components are functioning and that there are no holes or cracks. We inspect the manifolds and gaskets to ensure that neither are leaking or have any burn through. We check the Catalytic Converter for discoloration from overheating, dents, clogging, holes and corrosion. We check for failure and determine how it failed, and knowing this will enable us to determine how this failure will affect the rest of the vehicle. We check for loose welds, which cause noise from vibration. We closely examine mufflers and resonators for holes dents or corrosion from over heating and excessive exposure to outdoor elements. Each clamp is closely inspected to ensure that they are properly positioned so as not to allow exhaust gas to escape. Hangers are visually inspected to ensure that the muffler is intact. Come learn why we have the best exhaust in Clovis, NM.


Differential Fluids and Leaks


All Auto Repair Shops in Clovis New Mexico will check your oil, but here at A&M Auto Services and Sales, we are an ASE certified auto repair shop and go the extra mile. As many do, neglecting the fluids here can cause damage to your bearing and gear failure and leave you without a vehicle.


Drive Belts


Overtime, your drive belts wear due to usage and environmental elements. We carefully inspect all of your belts for excessive wearing, cracks, tears, and alignment. Quicker than normal wear can indicate that other areas may also be failing, such as the pulley. As an ASE Certified Master Technician, Mike has seen many issues stemming from a worn belt. 30 years of experience makes the difference!




Aside from your vehicle's engine, the transmission is the most important, as well as the most costly component to replace. proper maintenance however can ensure the health of your transmission. We check for fluid leaks that will be sure to cause damage. We inspect all the seals and gaskets for wearing. We inspect the bell housing for damage. We ensure the pan is tight, and check to make sure the drive shaft is balanced. We make sure that the transmission mounts are secure and that all components are functioning. All of this will ensure the health of on the most important components of your vehicle.



Cooling System


We ensure that your coolant level is correct. We inspect the fan clutch for function. We examine the belt for wearing, cracking, or glazing and make sure that there is proper tension. The electric cooling fan is operated by your vehicles computer, so we test the computer to check its responses to our manual tests. We ensure that the fan shroud is properly mounted, that the hoses are in good condition, the radiator cap is free of corrosion, and that the radiator is not clogged. We check the water pump pulley is aligned with the drive pully and that there are no shaft seal damage or that there is no overheating possible as a result of corrosion, scale clogs from rust, slippage of the fan belt, fan drive clutch failure, failure to the thermostat. We further make sure that there is not water pump damage, no loss of pressure from leaks, and no bad coolant mixtures. After 30 years of experience as an ASE certified mechanic, owner Mike knows exactly what to look for.


Engine and Transmission Leaks


After raising your vehicle, we inspect the entire bottom/underneath of your vehicle to check for leaks. A leaking oil pan can cause the level of your oil to drop below the level needed to keep your engine lubricated, which will prevent your engine from locking up and requiring a costly replacement of the entire engine. Aside from your engine, your transmission is the most expensive to replace. Simply monitoring your vehicle for leaks, we can prevent those costly replacements.


Battery and Cables


We check your vehicle's battery for frayed or broken cables, corrosion on the connectors, cell connector corrosion, loose hold down, which can lead to loose connections between the battery and the cables, which can decrease the power you need. We check for cracked cases to ensure that leaks are not possible.


Tune up components


As one of very few ASE certified auto repair shops in Clovis NM, here at A&M we understand that by simply maintaining your vehicle, we can prevent so many costly repairs for you. We inspect the appearance of all of your spark plugs to ensure that they are not worn out and have a healthy color. we closely examine the insulators and firing noses to find underlying problems with the engine. Newer spark plugs can keep your engine firing properly in all cylinders, but poor spark plugs can create misfires. We check the wires and connections to all spark plugs. We make sure that the fuel filter is not clogged or dirty. The fuel pump should be properly functioning and the fuel injectors should be free of any dirt and or buildup. We can also adjust the timing of the engine or idle if needed. Finally we make sure that the PCV valve is not leaking or clogged.


Air Fuel and Cabin Filters


As a rule of thumb, your air and cabin filters should be replaced every 12 months, or every 12,000 miles. When filters get old or become dirty, they can no longer prevent contaminants from entering your engine and causing costly repairs. As an ASE Certified Auto Repair shop, we understand how an overdue filter replacement can cause damage to your entire engine. Dirty Cabin filters can result in poor air flow, requiring your vehicle to work harder. In Clovis New Mexico, and the surrounding areas, dirt is of abundance, so the filters should never be neglected.


Engine Oil


Everyone understands that oil is a key component to the performance of an engine. At A&M we prefer synthetic to conventional oil, and while synthetic is a couple more dollars, it lasts longer, and protects the moving parts within the engine. In the end the choice is yours, but coming from an ASE Certified Master Technician with over 30 years of experience, synthetic is your best option.


All lighting systems


At A&M Auto Services and Sales, we emphasize safety of you and your vehicle. A simple blinker light burning out can make the difference between a stop and turn and you being hit by another vehicle that did not know you were about to turn


Wiper Blades


Wiper blades are never appreciated until they are needed. You never know if your blades are good until you need them. We will inspect your blades and the motor running them to make sure that when that time comes, they will not fail you.




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Auto Repair service in clovis nm, auto repair service near me, mechanic in clovis nm, mechanic near me,
Auto Repair service in clovis nm, auto repair service near me, mechanic in clovis nm, mechanic near me,
Auto Repair service in clovis nm, auto repair service near me, mechanic in clovis nm, mechanic near me,